Our Partners

Project World Health works closely with the Hope & Health Project to ensure the success of our mission trips abroad. The Hope & Health Project's missions include:

To prioritize a communities greatest need and develop a plan to meet that need.

To develop sustainable projects and aids that serve communities with little or no medical care.

To promote health education in different areas to include disease prevention and community development.

To assist and give medical students the opportunity to develop in areas with emphasis on international health problems.

To provide medical healthcare, medicines, supplies, and equipment to the communities as well as other partnering organizations that are doing the same.

The Hope & Health Project is currently accepting donations for a Relief Mission for the Bahamas following Hurricane Dorian. Please see and/or click the flyer above to learn how you can help this community in need.


As of 2019, Project World Health has teamed up with OBOV to bring sustainable clean water to the communities we serve in the Dominican Republic. Here is a little more about this great organization:

Since 2012, One Ball One Village has completed 192 water projects (as of July, 2019) in 10 countries, collectively processing 3 million gallons of clean water per month.

OBOV water systems are installed in Haiti, Guatemala, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Honduras, Guyana, Tanzania and Togo. 

Sustainability is the one of the hallmarks of OBOV's efforts and, in each country, we have a team in place to ensure that each water system continues to be a blessing for years to come.