Our Partners

For more than 20 years, Project World Health has worked with Hope & Health to help thousands of people in need.

Each year, Hope & Health has partnered with us to treat over 1,000 patients a week with over 70 nurses, physicians, pharmacists, and students.

In 2023, the USF Health's International Health Service Collaborative (IHSC) partnered with Hope & Health to send physicians and students in medicine, pharmacy, and public health to assess the unique needs of the community in Santa Cruz, Medellin, Colombia. The collaborative efforts of Project World Health, Hope & Health, and the USF Health International and Global Health Institute (IHSC) mark a significant step towards advancing global health initiatives. By combining the strengths of Project World Health's international outreach, Hope & Health's commitment to community well-being, and the research expertise of USF Health IHSC, this collaboration aims to drive positive change, improve healthcare systems, and contribute to the overall well-being of diverse populations across the globe.

To learn more about the collaboration between IHSC and Hope & health, follow the link below.


As of 2019, Project World Health has teamed up with OBOV to bring sustainable clean water to the communities we serve in the Dominican Republic. Here is a little more about this great organization:

Since 2012, One Ball One Village has completed 192 water projects (as of July, 2019) in 10 countries, collectively processing 3 million gallons of clean water per month.

OBOV water systems are installed in Haiti, Guatemala, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Honduras, Guyana, Tanzania and Togo. 

Sustainability is the one of the hallmarks of OBOV's efforts and, in each country, we have a team in place to ensure that each water system continues to be a blessing for years to come.